International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics

The COMET conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds involving various healthcare specialties and the human and social sciences. A special emphasis is on the dissemination of ongoing research in language/discourse/communication studies in relation to healthcare education, patient participation and professional ethics.

COMET was launched in Cardiff (UK) in 2003 as a non-profit event, which continues to be self-financing from income generated through registration fees. It takes place annually spanning 3 days, and the preferred time slot is end of June. The number of participants at COMET is variable – ranging between 150 and 250 – representing more than 20/25 countries on a given occasion. The participants are mainly drawn from humanities and social sciences and various healthcare settings.

COMET proposals fall into different presentation formats: plenaries, panels, work-in-progress roundtables and individual presentations (oral or poster). For more details, see the Conference Announcement below.


 COMET 2023 will be hosted by
University College Cork, Ireland
20-22 June 2023
Email: [email protected]
Please find the Conference Announcement here
Please find the COMET 2023 Call for Proposals here


Previous COMET venues include:

1st COMET 2003 Cardiff (UK)  
2nd COMET 2004 Linkoping (SWEDEN)  
3rd COMET 2005 Sydney (AUSTRALIA)  
4th COMET 2006 Cardiff (UK)  
5th COMET 2007 Lugano (SWITZERLAND)  
6th COMET 2008 Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)      
7th COMET 2009 Cardiff (UK)  
8th COMET 2010 Boston (USA)  
9th COMET 2011 Nottingham (UK)  
10th COMET 2012 Trondheim (NORWAY)  
11th COMET 2013 Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)  
12th COMET 2014 Lugano (SWITZERLAND)  
13th COMET 2015 Hong Kong (SAR CHINA)  
14th COMET 2016 Aalborg (DENMARK) Programme | Book of Abstracts
15th COMET 2017 IUPUI (USA) Programme | Book of Abstracts
16th COMET 2018 Birmingham (UK) Programme | Book of Abstracts
17th COMET 2019 Adelaide (AUSTRALIA) Programme | Book of Abstracts
18th COMET 2020 Aalborg (DENMARK)  
19th COMET 2021 Varese/Como (ITALY) Programme | Book of Abstracts
20th COMET 2022      Hong Kong (SAR CHINA) Programme | Book of Abstracts
21st COMET 2023    Cork (IRELAND)  


COMET Masterclass
The COMET conference is preceded/followed by the COMET Masterclass. It is open to all COMET participants and others.

The COMET Society
Members of the COMET Society are entitled to discounts for COMET registration and Communication & Medicine journal subscription. The website can be accessed at: and ‘subscription prices’ at


Publication Opportunities
All presenters at COMET conferences are encouraged to submit written versions of their work for possible inclusion in Communication & Medicine. If a sufficient number of accepted submissions is reached, a special issue will be designated to comprise the COMET submissions. Alternatively, accepted individual manuscripts will appear in regular issues. Note that all submissions will go through the routine double blind peer review system. The guidelines for online submission can be accessed here, and the C&M house style here. Please direct all journal-related enquiries to [email protected]

Hosting of future COMETs
Over the years COMET has maintained an international profile. It is of a manageable size with a close-knit community of researchers for organisational purposes. If you would be inclined to host a future COMET, please send your expression of interest to [email protected]


Srikant Sarangi
COMET Founding Advisor
Editor, Communication & Medicine
Adjunct Professor | Aalborg University | Denmark
Emeritus Professor | Cardiff University | UK
Email:  [email protected] | [email protected]