Discussion and Debate


  • Cyprian Broodbank University of Cambridge
  • Nena Galanidou University of Crete
  • Thomas P. Leppard International Archaeological Research Institute
  • Nellie Phoca-Cosmetatou University of Cambridge
  • Ryan J. Rabett University of Cambridge
  • Curtis Runnels Boston University




Mediterranean island, colonization, archaic hominins


Within a 48-hour period during January 2014, the JMA co editors received two papers—those of Curtis Runnels and Thomas P. Leppard printed above—that, quite fortuitously, each addressed the topic of Mediterranean island colonization by archaic hominins, albeit from radically different perspectives. Neither author was aware of the other’s paper, nor has either article subsequently been revised to take account of the other. Realizing the widespread current interest in this subject and the possibility for productive debate prompted by such variant approaches, we commissioned three sets of comments and invited Runnels and Leppard to respond. We are pleased to publish this discussion around questions of great importance for our understanding of the earliest insular prehistory of the Mediterranean, and with significant implications reaching well beyond it.

Author Biography

Cyprian Broodbank, University of Cambridge

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research University of Cambridge Downing Street Cambridge CB2 3ER



How to Cite

Broodbank, C., Galanidou, N., Leppard, T. P., Phoca-Cosmetatou, N., Rabett, R. J., & Runnels, C. (2014). Discussion and Debate. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, 27(2), 255–278. https://doi.org/10.1558/jmea.v27i2.255



Discussion and Debate

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