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A. Bernard Knapp, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute, Cyprus

John Cherry, Brown University, United States

Peter van Dommelen, Brown University, United States

Catherine Kearns, University of Chicago, United States

Sarah Murray, University of Toronto, Canada


Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology is the only journal currently published that deals with the entire multicultural world of Mediterranean archaeology. The journal publishes material that deals with, amongst others, the social, politicoeconomic and ideological aspects of local or regional production and development, and of social interaction and change in the Mediterranean. We also encourage contributions dealing with contemporary approaches to gender, agency, identity and landscape, and we welcome material that covers both the theoretical implications and methodological assumptions that can be extrapolated from the relevant archaeological data. Manuscripts submitted for consideration should place equal emphasis on data and theory; preference is given to problem-oriented studies that demonstrate a sound methodological or theoretical framework.In terms of its temporal scope, JMA welcomes manuscripts from any period of Mediterranean prehistory and history, from the Palaeolithic to the Early Modern. The geographical focus of JMA is the islands within, and the lands or regions that border the Mediterranean Sea, from Gibraltar and the Iberian Peninsula in the west, to the Jordan Valley and Egypt in the east; from the mountain chains that fringe the diverse coastal plains of northern Mediterranean to the Atlas Mountains of the Maghreb and the Saharan desert cultures that impact on the Mediterranean's southern shores. 

JMA does not publish book reviews, short notes, or purely descriptive excavation reports, survey results or artefact studies.

With the exception of ISSUE 4.2 the entire backrun of the journal is now available online, with access included in all current subscriptions. We will load the missing issues as soon as possible.

Frequency: Two issues per volume year 

ISSN: 0952-7648 (Print)
ISSN: 1743-1700 (Online)