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Bernard Knapp is Emeritus Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology in the Department of Humanities (Archaeology), University of Glasgow, and Honorary Research Fellow, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute, Nicosia. His research interests focus on the prehistoric Mediterranean, especially Cyprus, and on various aspects of archaeological theory, including island archaeology, seafaring, and social identity. He is the author and editor of several books including, most recently, Seafaring and Seafarers in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean (Leiden, Sidestone Press, September 2018), and Migration Myths and the End of the Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean (New York, Cambridge University Press, April 2021).

John F. Cherry is Joukowsky Family Emeritus Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World, Emeritus Professor of Classics, and Affiliated Faculty in Anthropology at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. His research interests include Aegean and Mediterranean prehistory; Caribbean archaeology; island archaeology; state formation; and lithic analysis. He recently concluded a 10-year program of survey and excavation on the Caribbean island of Montserrat and is currently involved in survey and lithic analysis for the Small Cycladic Islands Project in Greece. His most recent books are, co-edited with Felipe Rojas, Archaeology for the People, Joukowsky Institute Publication 7 (Oxford: Oxbow, 2015) and, co-authored with Krysta Ryzewski, An Archaeological History of Montserrat in the West Indies (Oxford: Oxbow, 2020).

Peter van Dommelen is Joukowsky Family Professor in Archaeology and Professor of Anthropology at Brown University. His research focuses on the western Mediterranean and the Phoenician-Punic world, with a particular interest in colonialism, indigeneity and cultural interactions as well as rural life and ancient agriculture, both past and present. He is actively involved in fieldwork and ceramic studies in Sardinia and Mediterranean Spain. With Carlos Gómez Bellard, he has published Rural Landscapes of the Punic World (London, Equinox, 2008), and with Bernard Knapp he co-edited Material Connections (London, Routledge, 2010) and The Cambridge Prehistory of the Bronze and Iron Age Mediterranean (New York, Cambridge University Press, 2014); he also co-edited with Andrea Roppa and Massimo Botto, Il Mediterraneo occidentale dalla fase fenicia all'egemonia cartaginese (Rome, Quasar, 2021).

Catherine Kearns is Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on the eastern Mediterranean, with special interests in landscape archaeology, environmental and social history, rural archaeology, and ancient geography. She currently conducts fieldwork on the island of Cyprus with the Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environments Project, and her publications include The Rural Landscapes of Archaic Cyprus: An Archaeology of Environmental and Social Change (New York, Cambridge University Press, in press) and co-edited with Sturt W. Manning, New Directions in Cypriot Archaeology (Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 2019).

Sarah Murray is Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Toronto. Her research concerns the archaeology and economy of the Late Bronze to Archaic periods in the Aegean. Additional methodological interests include spatial and 3D analysis and pedestrian survey. She is currently co-director of the Bays of East Attica Regional Survey project based in Porto Rafti, Greece. She is the author of The Collapse of the Mycenaean Economy: Trade, Imports, and Institutions, 1300–700 BCE (New York, Cambridge University Press, 2017) and Male Nudity in the Greek Iron Age: Representation and Ritual Context in Aegean Societies (New York, Cambridge University Press, May 2022).

Editorial Board