Characterizing the Historic Landscapes of Naxos


  • Jim Crow University of Edinburgh
  • Sam Turner Newcastle University
  • Athanasios K. Vionis University of Cyprus



Historic Landscape Characterization (HLC), GIS, Aegean, Naxos, Byzantine, Field Systems, Terraces


Historic Landscape Characterization (HLC) is a methodology for historic landscape studies pioneered in Britain. Using satellite imagery and RAF archival air photographs, Naxos provides an excellent pilot study to explore the application of this technique to the historic landscapes of the eastern Mediterranean. Our research identifies a number of discrete HLC types and considers their development from the Byzantine period to modern times. In addition it has been possible to use these data to set Naxos' rich corpus of Byzantine churches in their landscape context, providing a more textured account of rural life in medieval and post-medieval times.

Author Biographies

Jim Crow, University of Edinburgh

Jim Crow is Professor of Classical Archaeology and current Head of Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. He studied at the Universities of Birmingham and Newcastle upon Tyne. He has directed excavations on Hadrian's Wall for the National Trust and previously taught Roman and Byzantine archaeology at Warwick and Newcastle universities. His main publications and research have been concerned with Roman and Byzantine frontiers and more recently with hinterland and infrastructures of Byzantine Constantinople and the application of remote sensing technologies in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University.

Sam Turner, Newcastle University

Sam Turner is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology in the School of Historical Studies, Newcastle University. His research interests include early medieval archaeology and landscape history. he studied archaeology for his MA at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, and for a PhD at the University of York. He has worked on methods for the characterization of historic landscapes and seascapes in Britain and Ireland, Europe and the Mediterranean. He is currently editor of Medieval Settlement Research and assistant editor of Landscape Research.

Athanasios K. Vionis, University of Cyprus

Athanosios Vionis (BA University of Durham, PhD University of Leiden) is Lecturer in Byzantine Archaeology and Art in the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus. His research interests include the study of urban and rural landscapes and the material culture of the Byzantine/medieval and post-medieval Aegean. He has participated in archaeological fieldwork in Greece (Cyclades, Chios, Kythera, Zakynthos, Euboea, Achaea, Boeotia) and Turkey (Sagalassos), and he is currently Assistant Field Director of the Leiden Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project. His monograph, A Crusader, Ottoman and Early Modern Aegean Archaeology is in press in the Archaeological Studies series, Leiden University Press.



How to Cite

Crow, J., Turner, S., & Vionis, A. K. (2011). Characterizing the Historic Landscapes of Naxos. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, 24(1), 111–137.