Islands in History


  • Peter van Dommelen University of Glasgow



islands, Anglo-American thought, archaeologists, island societies

Author Biography

Peter van Dommelen, University of Glasgow

Peter van Dommelen studied archaeology and classics at Leiden University (The Netherlands), where he also carried out PhD research. He is currently Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow. Since 1991 he has co-directed the Riu Mannu Regional Survey Project in Sardinia, now a joint project of Leiden and Glasgow universities. He is also co-editor of 'Archaeological Dialogues'. His research interests involve post-colonial approaches to ancient and (early) modern colonialism, as well as settlement and survey archaeology in the late prehistoric and early historic western Mediterranean, in particular Sardinia and central Italy.



How to Cite

van Dommelen, P. (2000). Islands in History. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, 12(2), 246–251.



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