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    ISSUE 5.2-Table of contents


    • Introduction
      Massimiliano ​Demata, Natalia Knoblock


    • Norwegian Somalis are best suited to inform Norwegian Somalis: Crisis communication, linguistic diversity and social (in)equality during the initial stages of COVID-19 pandemics as represented in Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) online
      Tatjana Felberg

    • The Neutering Neuter - Grammatical Gender and the Dehumanisation of Women in German
      Damaris Nübling, Miriam Lind

    • A Testimonial Injustice ‘Out Here in the Projects’: The Misrecognition of a Testimonial Call to Victimhood in ‘The Bed Intruder’ Meme
      M'Balia Thomas
    • Sorry, Not Sorry: Ted Yoho’s Infelicitous Apology as Reification of Toxic Masculinity
      Gabriella Licata

    • Standard Language Ideology in an Irish secondary school: Conflicting perspectives on the discouragement of nonstandard language
      Stephen Lucek


    • Carbonara interview
      Carbonara Interview

    Book Reviews

    • Homing in on HATE: Critical Discourse Studies of Hate Speech, Discrimination and Inequality in the Digital Age. Balirano, G. & Hughes, B. (Eds.). Napoli, Italy: Paolo Loffredo Editore srl, 2020
      Mirko A. Demasi
    • Linguistic Discrimination in U.S. Higher Education: Power, Prejudice, Impacts and Remedies. G. Clements and M. J. Petray New York: Routledge, 2021
      Weijia Shan, Zhengjun Lin

    • Transgender identities in the press: a corpus-based discourse analysis by A. Zottola (2020), London: Bloomsbury, 210pp
      Fabienne H. Baider
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