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Massimiliano Demata, University of Turin, Italy
Natalia Knoblock, Saginaw Valley State University, United States

Book Review Editor

Stephen Pihlaja, Newman University, United Kingdom

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Stephen Pihlaja
Faculty of Arts, Society & Professional Studies
Newman University
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The Journal of Language and Discrimination examines the relationship between language and the many forms of discrimination (in terms of race, ethnicity, language, gender, religion, age, ability and other characteristics) affecting most societies today. It encourages intellectual crossover and serves as a scholarly forum bringing together researchers from a large number of diverse but related fields. This multidisciplinary journal appeals to theorists and practitioners working on linguistic representations of discrimination within linguistics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, education, law and criminal justice, feminism, queer theory, disability studies, race studies, and more. It addresses socially consequential issues, such as inequality, prejudice, and discrimination, in light of the many social and political challenges taking place in many nations.

The journal publishes high-quality, original research and ensures its academic rigour by utilising double-blind expert review process. It strives to make the review and publication process as transparent, smooth, and user-friendly as possible while maintaining the high standard of published content.

The themes of future general and special issues might include: language and ageism; language and disability; gender and language; same sex marriage and civil partnership; racist language; religious language discrimination; legal perspectives on language and discrimination; language and sexual orientation; trolling; offence; political correctness; drug/alcohol users and language; fat shaming; language and social justice; islamophobia; anti-Semitism; the language of terrorism; standardisation, education and 2nd language learners; migration policies and language analysis; hate speech; animal rights/primate campaigns and language; dialect, accent and discrimination; minority languages; metaphors and discrimination; challenging linguistic stereotypes; language and class; freedom of speech.

The journal's Twitter page can be found here: https://twitter.com/JLangDiscrim

Publication and Frequency

Two issues per volume year, May and November (from 2018)

ISSN: 2397-2637 (print)
ISSN: 2397-2645 (online)