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I am the Practical Language Programme Coordinator in the English department of Chemnitz University of Technology. My research interests include discourse analysis, stylistics (including cognitive poetics), digital fiction, politeness theory and language and gender studies. I completed my PhD in 2015, offering A cognitive discursive approach to the study of linguistic identity and focused on how settled Chinese migrants and British-born Chinese people construct their identities linguistically. I am currently working towards my Habilitation.


I am a corpus-based sociolinguist and critical discourse analyst interested in how language is used to encode and normalise social structures. My first book, British Pronoun Use, Prescription and Processing (Palgrave 2014), focused on the use of epicene (gender-neutral) pronouns in written British English and included a new theory which aims to account for why the formally-plural pronoun they can be processed as a singular form in the brain. Most recently I have published the book Representations of Poverty and Place: Using Geographical Text Analysis to Understand Discourse (co-authored with Gregory, Palgrave 2019). I have also collaborated on four multi-institution research projects including an analysis of the associations of language and class on the Channel 4 programme Benefits Street (Paterson et al. 2016, 2017, van der Bom et al. 2018), an investigation of media representations of the Occupy movement (Gregoriou and Paterson 2017), and a study of (non)dominant readings of the lyrics and music video of the song Blurred Lines (Handforth et al. 2017). As a core member of the Discourses of Marriage Research Group I have also analysed same-sex marriage debates in the UK (van der Bom et al. 2015, Jones et al. 2017, Turner et al. 2018, Paterson & Coffey-Glover 2018) and organised a two-day seminar on this topic in 2017 joint funded by the British Association of Applied Linguists and Cambridge University Press. I am also editor of the Journal of Language and Discrimination.

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  • Paul Baker, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
  • Sara Mills, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • Lal Zimman, University of California, Santa Barbara, United States

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  • David Bolt, Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom
  • Lucy Jones, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • William L. Leap, Dept of Anthropology, American University, Washington DC & Center for Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton FL, United States
  • Ruth Wodak, Lancaster University, United Kingdom