Apple’s Dictation Software

A Voice Solution for Writers Whose Hands Need a Rest


  • Christopher John Hill City University of Hong Kong



dictation software, voice recognition software, repetitive strain injury, writing technology


In this article, I evaluate Apple’s voice dictation software and reflect on how it might be integrated into the writing process for those who suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and other writing-related ailments. I discuss how voice recognition software could become a feature of the daily writing experience and speculate on how writing technologies could evolve in the future.

Author Biography

Christopher John Hill, City University of Hong Kong

Christopher John Hill has taught communications, English as a second language, literature, and film studies for over 10 years in New Zealand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. He holds a Master’s degree in Multimedia Communications from Auckland University of Technology. He is currently a Ph.d. Candidate in the City University of Hong Kong department of English and is writing a dissertation on music and identity in 21st century novels. His other research interests include creative writing and education and technology. He also writes fiction.



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Hill, C. J. (2014). Apple’s Dictation Software: A Voice Solution for Writers Whose Hands Need a Rest. Writing and Pedagogy, 5(2), 349–355.



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