The Idea of a University

A Post-Bible College Perspective


  • Gordon T Smith Ambrose University and Seminary Author



Bible College movement, Christian discipleship, arts and sciences, cultivation of a Christian mind, mental health challenges, instrumentalist view of higher education


What are the implications for a liberal arts university that is heir to the Bible college movement of Western Canada. What is the rationale for the transition and the unique challenges in this transition for schools that choose to shift from Bible college to liberal arts university? The essay concludes that while this is the right move and that as such it makes sense, the challenges are yet very real and that the response is one that requires attention to some critical questions that are, perhaps, unique to schools that have made that transition. 

Author Biography

  • Gordon T Smith, Ambrose University and Seminary

    Gordon T. Smith is the president of Ambrose University and Seminary in Calgary, AB, where he also serves as professor of systematic and spiritual theology. He has a number of publications, including the more recent Welcome Holy Spirit: A Theological and Experiential Introduction [IVPress 2021].


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