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For forty years Religious Studies and Theology has published thoughtful, peer-reviewed original research with significance to the inter-related disciplines of Religious Studies and Theology.

Religious Studies and Theology disseminates academic research that reflects and contributes to enriching academic debate and public discourse on issues that matter in our world. Rigorous scholarly commentary, in expository essay format, engages both disciplinary and educated cross-sectoral readers. This international journal gives special attention to studies on religion and religious communities in Canada, with regard to the place of this nation in our interconnected global community. National and international contributors utilise a range of methodologies to explore understandings of the varied and complex phenomenon of religion and spirituality in the contemporary world.

A unique section of the journal, Reflections from the Field, is dedicated to discussion of professional practice in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology.

For four decades Religious Studies and Theology has maintained a consistent focus on reviewing new books in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology, profiling a diversity of approaches to the study of religion.

Tony Burke
Gnostic Imagery in Disney's Pinocchio (38.1‒2, 2019) pp. 84‒96

Walter Vanast
A Nun from Québec, a Métisse from Good Hope, and a Gwich'in from Peels River: Three Women's Stories of Sickness in the Mackenzie District (1909‒1925) (37.2, 2018) pp. 206‒223

Fatemeh Mohammadi
Becoming a Hijabi Now? Identity Performances of Muslim Women in Canada (37.1, 2018) pp. 5‒21

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