Sowing the Seed

The Story of Burman University


  • Loren Agrey Burman University Author



Adventist Higher Education, Seventh-day Adventists, Christian ethos, whole-person education


The history and mission of Burman University, a small faith-based post-secondary institution located in Lacombe, Alberta, is a story of faith and optimism. Its story can be best understood within the history and ethos of Seventh-day Adventist higher education. As the school was established in 1907, it has transformed itself through several stages into a university with programs fully approved by Campus Alberta Quality Council. For more than a century the institution has resided on the “hilltop” and has seen many alumni make positive impact in the world. The institution has experienced challenges, has worked through them with resilience, while maintaining its strong Christian ethos. As the campus statue of The Sower illustrates, seeds that have been sown on campus have resulted in reapings of generations of young people whose lives have been transformed and who, in turn, have helped transform the world.

Author Biography

  • Loren Agrey, Burman University

    Dr. Loren Agrey serves as 25th President of Burman University. Previous to this appointment at his alma mater, he served as President of Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand. He also served as VP Academic Administration at Burman University as well as Academic Dean at Kettering College in Ohio. He completed his doctoral work in Secondary Education at the University of Alberta and his Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Social Studies at the University of Southern Mississippi and received his Bachelors degree from Burman University (then Canadian Union College). Dr. Agrey is married to Shelley and they have four children and seven grandchildren.


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