Bonds or Conflicts? Religious Organizations in the Evolving Global Order


  • Mihaly Simai Corvinus University Budapest



Global Dialogue, transnational networks, interdenominational organizations, solidarity, religious organizations


In spite of the global process of secularization, religion has remained important in the lives of people, countries and also in international relations. This article discusses the role of organized religion and communities of believers in shaping world orders and influencing their function. It reveals that religious organizations, particularly those with thousand of years of traditions, are not only different expressions of human beings in their relations to a spiritual world, but also a complex global network with varying influence on different societies. However, given its long history of strained and often confrontational relationships with the secular world, the contemporary role of religious denominations begs a fundamental question. Will the different doctrines, social teaching and norms promote progress toward “globalization with human face” or will they simply aggravate global division and confrontations in an already divided world?

Author Biography

Mihaly Simai, Corvinus University Budapest

Professor Simai is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Currently he is working in the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as a Research Professor. He is also a Professor of the Corvinus University in Budapest. He is the Honorary President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations. President of the Hungarian United Nations Association and of the Alumni Association of the Corvinus University. He graduated in the Budapest University of Economics in 1952. He received his PhD.from the Budapest University of Economics in 1957, became the "candidate of sciences" in 1962, the "doctor of the Academy" in 1971 and in 1981 he has been elected by the Plenum of the Academy to the membership of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He was also studying in Geneva and Paris in post- graduate programs.



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Simai, M. (2010). Bonds or Conflicts? Religious Organizations in the Evolving Global Order. Religious Studies and Theology, 29(1), 31–48.