Eschatology, Religion and World Order


  • W. Andy Knight Department of Political Science University of Alberta



Eschatology, Globalization, Millennialism, Westphalian world order, Religion


The world is undergoing significant social and political changes reminiscent of the turbulence and chaos that accompanied the transition from the feudal world order to the early modern period. But, how do adherents of world religions perceive this transition and what specific conceptions of world order do they proffer. This article uses the eschatological teachings of major world religions – the world’s great contemplative traditions -- to understand the forces that brought the extant world order into being in the first place and the forces responsible for its transformation or demise. Drawing specifically from the various “millenarian” belief traditions -which focus on spiritual rejuvenation after a period of turbulence, the article ends with an important metaphorical question: Is it possible that this new millennium will usher in a new ‘golden age?’ Are we on the verge of witnessing the advent of a new world order?

Author Biography

W. Andy Knight, Department of Political Science University of Alberta

Chair of the Department of Political Science Professor of International Relations



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Knight, W. A. (2010). Eschatology, Religion and World Order. Religious Studies and Theology, 29(1), 1–24.