Laura Niebling, <i>Rockumentary: Theorie, Geschichte und Industrie</i>


  • Nathalie Weidhase Bournemouth University



Rockumentary, music documentary, history, industry


Laura Niebling, Rockumentary: Theorie, Geschichte und Industrie. Marburg: Schueren Verlag, 2018. 412 pp. ISBN 978-3-89472-842-7 (pbk).

Author Biography

Nathalie Weidhase, Bournemouth University

Nathalie Weidhase is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Media, Culture and Communication at Bournemouth University. She has published on women in popular music and celebrity feminism in the journal Celebrity Studies, as well as in the collection Women, Celebrity and Cultures of Ageing: Freeze Frame (2015). Her research on Meghan Markle and Brexit is to be published in the forthcoming collection Love Across the Atlantic: UK-US Romance in Popular Culture (2020).


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