Seeking the live

Experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic as a postgraduate music student


  • Alice Rose University of Oxford



postgraduate research, fieldwork, COVID-19, digital technology


Onaji jikan, onaji kukan. Same time, same place. These are the words I wrote down in an interview this summer—ironically a Zoom interview that took place both at 9 am in Oxford and 5 pm in Osaka. Needless to say, this was not the fieldwork I planned when I began my PhD in 2018, although in some ways it feels fitting for a thesis on digital technologies and the ‘live’. Yet today I remain, like many of my peers, so far behind, so ‘late’, that catching up seems almost impossible. In this article, I reflect on the importance of shared time and place, not only in Japanese ‘live culture’, but also in my experience of the pandemic as a postgraduate student.

Author Biography

Alice Rose, University of Oxford

Alice Rose is a DPhil candidate in Music at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the technological and digital mediation of Japanese idol culture and the relationship between online fandom and live culture.


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