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Charlotta Plejert received her PhD in Linguistics from Linköping University. She is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Culture and Communication, Linköping University, and at Center for Dementia Research (CEDER). Her research interests include Conversation Analysis, communicative disabilities in children and adults, and second language interaction and acquisition. Recent publications: Plejert, C. and Samuelsson, C. (2010). Language development in normal children and in disease – an interactional approach to typical language development and children with language impairment. In V. R. Preedy (ed.) Handbook of Growth and Growth Monitoring in Health and Disease, 1363-1377. New York: Springer; Plejert, C. and Sundqvist, A. (2013). A dialogical approach to Theory of Mind in aided and non-aided child interaction. In N. Norén, C. Samuelsson and C. Plejert (eds) Aided Communication in Everyday Interaction, 153‒187. London: J&R Press.

Current research involves exploration of discourse analysis in Speech Pathology, the effects of language on ageing using methods drawn from clinical linguistics including computerised linguistic analysis methods. Liz has a special interest in clinical linguistics, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics with expertise in Systemic Functional Linguistic analysis. She has experience in supervising Research Higher Degrees and Honours projects.

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  • Ryan Nelson, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, United States

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