Heritage Bread in the UAE


  • Phil Iddison Independent Scholar Author




Bread, bedu, Dubai, khameer, chebab, regag


This article presents and illustrates an overview of the heritage of bread in the Emirati diet in the twentieth century. The focus is Dubai with reference also to bedu food culture. It ranges from the bread baked on desert journeys to the array of breads consumed in the family context in the trading entrepôts along the coast. The bread varieties are being revived at heritage events with feedback into the tourist culture of the United Arab Emirates.

Author Biography

  • Phil Iddison, Independent Scholar

    Phil Iddison is a chartered civil engineer with twenty-one years overseas residence, working on major projects such as the Second Bosporus Crossing. Collecting a broad range of food ethnography data as a hobby has led to the presentation and publication of fifteen papers at the Oxford Food Symposium. Since 1990, fourteen previous articles for PPC have covered an eclectic range of food and food related topics.


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