Ethnolects and language emancipation in Northern Norway


  • Hilde Sollid The Arctic University of Norway



Ethnolects, Language emancipation, Language shift, Kven, Northern Norway, Demonstratives


The sociolinguistic complexity in the historical minorities in Northern Norway adheres to two diverging processes: language shift from Kven/Sámi to Norwegian and language revitalization of Kven/Sámi. These processes are results of shifting minority politics in Norway, and although the shift from assimilatory to emancipatory politics may be described as abrupt, the sociolinguistic processes are not. In this situation, there can be no doubt about the fundamental role of the minority languages. In addition to the minority languages, the majority language as it is spoken in contexts of language shifts, i.e. the ethnolects, are part of the sociolinguistic field. This paper focuses on the ethnolects, and the role of the ethnolects in processes of language emancipation.

Author Biography

Hilde Sollid, The Arctic University of Norway

Hilde Sollid is Professor Dr. in Scandinavian linguistics at the Department of Education, The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway. She focuses on language and dialect encounters in Northern Norway, and her research interests include language contact, sociolinguistics, language and identity, language ideologies and educational linguistics.



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Sollid, H. (2013). Ethnolects and language emancipation in Northern Norway. Sociolinguistic Studies, 7(1-2), 79–96.