Linguistic emancipation and the linguistic market place


  • Tove Bull The Arctic University of Norway



Linguistic emancipation, linguistic market place, Pierre Bourdieu, North Sámi, Samnorsk


The main objective of this article is to discuss conditions under which linguistic emancipation can occur, e.g. conditions that must be present for a given underprivileged language to move upwards on an imagined hierarchical scale of languages. The arena in which the status and power relations of languages and language varieties are determined is, with reference to Pierre Bourdieu, called the linguistic market place.

Author Biography

Tove Bull, The Arctic University of Norway

Born in Alta, Norway, 1945. Professor of Scandinavian linguistics at the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway, since 1990. Rector of the University 1996–2001. Chair and deputy chair of the Norwegian Language Council 1988– 1995. She has published books and papers on sociolinguistics, language and gender, language history and language policy and planning, language contact.



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Bull, T. (2013). Linguistic emancipation and the linguistic market place. Sociolinguistic Studies, 7(1-2), 33–55.