Translating Lorca: A Graph Theory Approach


  • Paul Meara Swansea University Author



Translation, Lorca, Graph Theory, Word Association


This paper describes how word associations might be used to compare translations of literary texts. The approach is illustrated by comparing the association patterns elicited by key words in two translations of Lorca’s Romance de la Luna Luna. The paper suggests that an analysis of this sort might be able to provide some useful correctives to the more subjective evaluations which are sometimes found in traditional literary criticism.

Author Biography

  • Paul Meara, Swansea University
    Department of Applied Linguistics, Birkbeck College, University of London, 1973-1990



How to Cite

Meara, P. (2012). Translating Lorca: A Graph Theory Approach. Sociolinguistic Studies, 4(3), 615-633.