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Asta Cekaite, Linköping University
Maryanne Theobald, Queensland University of Technology

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Research on Children and Social Interaction (RCSI) is an interdisciplinary international peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality research on the interactions of children and young people. The aim of RCSI is to advance the study of children’s social interaction as a topic in its own right, and to promote the use of interactional approaches to address a range of issues in the study of children and childhood. RCSI invites papers that explore children’s social practices, actions, and understandings in everyday social interaction. Publications typically involve analysis of children’s naturally-occurring interactions, with special attention given to research from approaches such as ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, discursive psychology, linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, and pragmatics. Debate and discussions of theory and methodologies are also welcomed where these engage with the central themes of the journal, such as the study of social interaction in face-to-face and in digital environments; children’s talk as social action; children’s everyday social worlds; interactional structures and practices; the development of interactional competencies and learning, and children’s rights, participation and agency.

Contributions address a range of topics and themes, including language and interactional development; sequence organization; play; peer relations; family and parenting; socialisation; schooling and education; health and well-being; institutional interactions; children and digital technologies, social cognition; identities and cultures; multilingualism and immigration. RCSI aims to facilitate and encourage debate and discussion across traditional disciplinary boundaries and will address issues relevant to childhood studies, psychology, linguistics, education, social work, sociology and anthropology.

The editors welcome suggestions for special issues that showcase work and/or present debates on a specific theme or topic within the area of children and social interaction that falls within the aims and scope of the journal. Further details for proposing a special issue may be found in the Guidelines for Authors section.

RCSI is published twice a year, in print and online. Early view of articles will be available through the Advance Access facility.

Frequency and Publication: twice yearly, June and December
ISSN 2057-5807 (print)
ISSN 2057-5815 (online)

Early view of articles will be available through the Advance Access facility.