Pick out the jams

Curation and independent record shops


  • Lee Ann Fullington Brooklyn College, The City University of New York




independent record shops, curation, vinyl, music retail


Characterizing independent record shops as ‘curated’ is a recent trend in scholarship on the topic of music consumption. The processes that contribute to this description, however, are often not interrogated and ‘curated’ is taken as given, though this adjective is in actuality a representation of a rich and varied skill set that is essential to the running of a shop. This article draws on in-depth interviews with independent record shop owners and staff members to examine the processes involved in selecting and displaying stock in shops that predominantly carry used LPs and CDs, and argues that these processes are complex and underpinned by particular areas of expertise and acquired experience.

Author Biography

Lee Ann Fullington, Brooklyn College, The City University of New York

Lee Ann Fullington is Assistant Professor and Librarian at Brooklyn College, The City University of New York.


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