Introduction to the special issue on The Beatles

Nothing you can know that isn’t known?


  • Marcus Collins Loughborough University



1960s, The Beatles, historiography, popular music


Writing on The Beatles has multiplied and diversified to an astonishing extent over the past half century. The contribution of academics to this literature has until recently been modest in volume and impact. However, multidisciplinary scholarship is now producing new insights into such subjects as The Beatles’ reception and their creative and commercial collaborations. Far from there being ‘Nothing you can know that isn’t known’ about The Beatles, scholars have much to explain regarding the band’s value and meaning in the 1960s and beyond.

Author Biography

Marcus Collins, Loughborough University

Marcus Collins is Senior Lecturer in Cultural History at Loughborough University. He is the author of Modern Love (2003) and editor of The Permissive Society and its Enemies (2007) and numerous articles on The Beatles and their contemporaries. He is currently completing a monograph on The Beatles and the culture, society and politics of 1960s Britain.


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