Special issue on Popular Music and Heritage


  • Robert Knifton University of Leeds
  • Marion Leonard University of Liverpool



V&A Museum, heritage, popular music


Marion Leonard and Robert Knifton present the special issue of Popular Music History on Popular Music and Heritage.

Author Biographies

Robert Knifton, University of Leeds

Robert Knifton is University Academic Fellow in Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage at the University of Leeds. From 2012–2016 he worked at the Visual and Material Culture Research Centre at Kingston University, where in 2015 he co-curated the HLFfunded project ‘Histories in the Making’.

Marion Leonard, University of Liverpool

Marion Leonard is Senior Lecturer in Music and member of the Institute of Popular Music at the University of Liverpool. From 2010–2011 she was Principal Investigator on an AHRC Beyond Text funded project investigating the collection and representation of popular music in museums, conducted in partnership with National Museums Liverpool and the V&A.


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