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Submissions are invited for SoundCheck, the essay section of PMH journal. Contributions (3000 to 5000 words) will be subject to peer review, and will accord with established conventions of research rigour. The section seeks to encourage and foster freer stylistic approaches to research/writing.

Popular Music History publishes original historical and historiographical research that draws on the wide range of disciplines and intellectual trajectories that have contributed to the establishment of popular music studies as a recognized academic enterprise.

Articles that challenge established orthodoxies in popular music studies, examine the formation and dissolution of canons, interrogate histories of genres, focus on forms of popular music that have existed below the "historical radar," and engage in archaeologies of popular music history, are particularly welcome.

The philosophy of Popular Music History is to encourage research that is empirically grounded. However, the journal's historical orientation is not intended to be exclusive. Articles that concentrate on historical and historiographical issues that draw on music analysis, incorporate cultural theory, or engage in the ‘history of the present’, are also appropriate.

In addition to the reviews section, a distinctive feature of Popular Music History is its section on Resources. Resources re-publishes articles of historical importance that have become difficult to find or unjustifiably obscure, report on archives, museums and scholarly collections of particular importance to writing popular music history, and serve as a forum for the discussion of issues of special interest to popular music histories.

Publication: May and November
ISSN: 1740-7133 (Print)
ISSN: 1743-1646 (Online)