A Case Study of the Ngadirdji of Yanyuwa Women in Borroloola


  • Elizabeth Mackinlay



Ngadirdji song, indigenous Australians


Also with an Australian focus is Elizabeth Mackinlay's analysis of the evolution, performance, and dissemination of Ngadirdji song of the Yanyuwa women from the Aboriginal community of Borroloola. Mackinlay documents how a regenerative 'traditional' music form is being adapted to make a positive contribution to th 'contemporary' culture of lndigenous Australians, a group often depicted negatively by the exponents and entrepreneurs of the 'new racism'


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Mackinlay, E. (2015). BLURRING BOUNDARIES BETWEEN RESTRICTED AND UNRESTRICTED PERFORMANCE: A Case Study of the Ngadirdji of Yanyuwa Women in Borroloola. Perfect Beat, 4(4), 73-84.