Robert Hensey, First Light: The Origins of Newgrange


  • Frank Prendergast Dublin Institute of Technology



archaeology, monument, Neolithic


Oxford: Oxbow Books, Series: Oxbow Insights in Archaeology, 2015. Paperback 210pp, 41 illus., 8 in colour. ISBN 978-1-78297-951-7. £15.99. eBook ISBN 978-78297-952-4


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Author Biography

Frank Prendergast, Dublin Institute of Technology

Frank Prendergast is an archaeologist, archaeoastronomer and geodetic surveyor who has written extensively about the prehistoric monuments in Ireland, with particular reference to the Irish passage tombs tradition. He is a Council member of the International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture (ISAAC) as well as being a member of SEAC being instrumental in organising their conference ‘Astronomy, Cosmology and Landscape’ and for which he was co-editor of the Proceedings. His forthcoming publications include 'An architectural perspective on structured sacred space - recent evidence from Iron Age Ireland' in F Silva and N Campion(eds.) Skyscapes in Archaeology (Oxbow, in press)and contributions in the forthcoming Handbook of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy edited by C L N Ruggles(Springer).


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