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Liz Henty, University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Fabio Silva, Bournemouth University

The Journal of Skyscape Archaeology (JSA) is concerned with the relationships between material culture, the sky and society. While elements of this study can be found separately in the fields of archaeoastronomy, ethnoastronomy, cultural astronomy, archaeology, anthropology and history, JSA brings them all together under the aegis of skyscape archaeology. This provides a platform to promote cross-fertilisation and share insights into the ontologies and cosmologies of the societies who created and used the rich archaeological heritage we study today.

Ontology, cosmology and ideology have recently taken a central role in the interpretation of the archaeological record - but narratives related to cognition, belief, ritual, symbolic meaning, power and politics, often run the risk of being speculative and anachronistic. Skyscape archaeology moves beyond the approaches used in the past by ensuring research is infused with much needed theoretical and methodological reflexivity, along with an emphasis on socio-cultural contextualisation and immersion. By reassessing past and present assumptions as well as bringing together cutting edge research, regardless of period or culture, JSA provides a shared cross-disciplinary forum for skyscape archaeology which fosters collaborations, debate and innovation.

To fulfil these aims, JSA publishes a variety of fully peer-reviewed articles on these subjects. These include Theory & Method articles dealing with methodological and theoretical aspects of the discipline; Research articles which are generally research question or case-study driven; Forums, where an important question for debate is discussed and followed by a series of short responses from different scholars; Reprints of key papers in the field's history and new Commentaries by modern authorities. Book and Conference Reviews are also published and potential reviewers should contact the Editors prior to submitting a review.

Potential contributors should consult the Journal's Guidelines which can be downloaded here.

Frequency: From 2015, 2 Issues per volume year (June & December)
ISSN (Print): 2055-348X
ISSN (Online): 2055-3498

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