About the Journal

Piotr Romanowski, University of Warsaw 

Multilingualism is one of the most intensely investigated areas of applied linguistics today due to academic interest in globalisation and multilingual work environments. The ubiquity of multilingualism in private and public interaction is unprecedented worldwide. Multilingualism has become key to communicating effectively and functioning professionally in a global society.

The aim of this peer-reviewed international journal is to showcase diverse perspectives and methodologies in the research of multilingualism. Studies published in the journal are motivated theoretically, focused on significant issues, rigorous in both methods and argumentation. Manuscripts based on both theoretical and empirical investigations are welcome. Diligent peer review process ensures that each issue meets expectations for state-of-the-art, original research that furthers understanding of its subject.

The  Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices serves a global readership and features investigations conducted by scholars who work in diverse contexts around the world. Regular features include: articles, special issues, and book reviews. The journal is publishedtwice a year. Submissions are accepted in English. 

The editors invite manuscripts from diverse research and language communities so as to provide rich insight into the phenomena of bi- and multilingualism. The disciplinary spectrum may include linguistics, applied linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and education. Topics of interest are early bi-/tri-/multilingualism, bi-/multilingual language development, education, competencies, literacy, identity, communities, work environments, later-learned additional languages, language maintenance and attrition, etc.

ISSN 2632-4490 (Print)

ISSN 2632-4504 (Online

2 issues per volume year