"A Brilliant New Symphonic Effect"

The "New" Early Music in Stothart's Score for Romeo and Juliet (1936)


  • Linda K. Schubert University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point




Agnes de Mille, early music, film music, Herbert Stothart, historical films, MGM, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare


This article provides a historical context for this MGM score and a discussion of important primary sources associated with it. It also argues that the score was a contribution to the Early Music movement in the United States—something rarely associated right now with film scores of the 1930s.

Author Biography

Linda K. Schubert, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Linda K. Schubert is Lecturer in the Collaborative Degree Program in American Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, and Lecturer for University of Wisconsin Colleges Marshfield/Wood County, and Anderson University, Indiana.


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