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Ibrahim Abraham
Australian National University, Australia

Bernard Doherty
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Book Review Editor
Alda Balthrop-Lewis
Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, Australian Catholic University, Australia

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Recent Articles:

Gary Bouma

"Tales from a Life in the Sociology of Religion" (32.2-3)


Kathleen Openshaw

"The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Australia: Local Congregants and a Global Spiritual Network" (32.1)


Kathleen McPhillips

"Silence, Secrecy and Power: Understanding the Royal Commission Findings into the Failure of Religious Organisations to Protect Children" (31.3)


John A. Rees & Stefania Rawson

"The Resources of Religious Humanitarianism: The Case of Migrants on Lampedusa" (31.2)


Jan Ashik Ali & Elisa Orofino

"Islamic Revivalist Movements in the Modern World: An Analysis of Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun, Tabligh Jama'at, and Hizb ut-Tahrir" (31.1)


Tara Blue Moon Smith

"Esoteric Themes in David Icke's Conspiracy Theories" (30.3)


Adam Possamai, Selda Dagistanli & Malcolm Voyce

"Shari'a in Everyday Life in Sydney: An Analysis of Professionals and Leaders Dealing with Islamic Law" (30.2)


Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi

"The Ambiguity of the Sacred: Revisiting Roger Caillois's L'homme et le sacré" (30.1)

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