Jehovah’s Witnesses

A Survey of the Literature


  • George Chryssides York St John University



Christian sects, cults, ex-member testimony, Jehovah’s Witnesses, millenarianism, Watch Tower Society


Major publications on Jehovah’s Witnesses with scholarly or historical merit are reviewed here. Early writings, and literature relating to the two World Wars are discussed, followed by important “insider” accounts of the organization, notably A. H. Macmillan, Marley Cole, and Timothy White, and ex-member publications by M. James Penton, Raymond Franz, and Carl Jonsson. Particular attention is given to books appearing after 2014, notably Emily Baran, Zoe Knox, and the substantial three-volume anthology by Gerhard Besier and Katarzyna Stok?osa. The review does not cover novels, countercult critiques, or the author’s own publications.


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