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Senior Lecturer Fredrik Gregorius (PhD) have two main research areas: firstly, evangelical movements in the United States, with a focus on those with a strong apocalyptic belief system and how this is connected to their social and political involvement; and secondly, esoteric, folk religious, and magical phenomena such as the Mexican cult of Santa Muerte, Neo-Paganism, and Satanism, also with a focus on the connection between religion and politics.

Venetia received her PhD in Studies in Religion from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2017. Her thesis explored 'ontologies of otherness' through the themes of identity, spirituality, and popular culture in the online Therianthropy movement. She has written and spoken on a number of topics, including digital cultures, alternative spirituality, human-animal relations, and fandom. In June, 2018 she joined the teaching faculty at Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand, in the Religious Studies department.

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