Constituting and responding to domestic and sexual violence


  • Ann Weatherall Victoria University of Wellington



domestic violence, sexual violence



Author Biography

  • Ann Weatherall, Victoria University of Wellington

    I am a Professor in Social Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand where I have worked since 1994. My research areas are conversation analysis (CA), discursive psychology and feminist psychology. I have a long standing interest in gender and language issues. One of my first studies reported an experimental study of the semantic derogation of words for women (1993, Journal Language and Social Psychology). My PhD (1994) examined gender and language in popular culture. One of my most significant works is a solo-authored book (2002, Gender, language and discourse). My empirical investigations have included quantitative and qualitative studies. My current research passion is Conversation Analysis, which offers both insights and challenges to the gender and language field. I hope to my broad research and publishing history will be a valuable asset to Gender and Language. I am looking forward to my editorial role and the opportunity it affords to support feminist gender and language research and further develop Gender and Language as a key journal for feminist language research.


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