Gender and language in African contexts

Working bibliography


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gender, linguistics, African contexts, bibliography


The editors of this Special Issue have compiled this working bibliography in an eff ort to address the lack of such documents (but see Dubbeld et al. (2002), below, on work from South Africa) for colleagues who carry out research in this area. It includes work which focuses on gender and/or sexuality and Africa (not only sub-Saharan Africa) with a linguistic, discourse or literacy focus (but excludes the large body of work on literature). It includes publications of all kinds, including that on websites, and also unpublished PhD theses. It does not include MA theses. We do not claim that it is comprehensive, rather we view it as a working document which will be expanded by further relevant work. We welcome suggestions for further items to include (please send to [email protected]). Updated versions of this document will appear on the following website:






Gender and Language in Sub-Saharan African Contexts: Research Agendas

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