About the Journal

Nicholas Marquez-Grant, Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Aida Gutierrez Galiacho, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Forensic Archaeology, Anthropology and Ecology (formerly Archaeological and Environmental Forensic Science) is a journal that specialises in the inter-relationship between forensic anthropology, forensic archaeology and environmental forensic science in terms of research and forensic practice. The journal covers all aspects of anthropology applied to medico-legal or humanitarian investigations, the application of archaeological methods and theory to forensic practice and how environmental or ecological evidence such as pollen, botany and soils has been used in the search and identification of human remains, as well as bringing perpetrators to justice when applicable.
A wide range of subject areas are welcomed, including geophysical methods, post-mortem interval, trauma and pathology, heritage crime, taphonomy, environmental scene sampling, entomology, mass grave investigations amongst others, and case studies ranging from WWI onwards.
FAAE publishes specially commissioned review papers, which aim to give an overview of a particular subject or issue; research papers which report new methods or techniques, as well as case studies which are short accounts of forensic or humanitarian cases where anthropological, archaeological and/or environmental methods have played a critical or new role. 

Two issues per volume year 

ISSN:2753-6246 (print)
ISSN:2753-6254 (online)