It’s not all bad

A rejoinder to ‘Collecting qualitative data during a pandemic’ by David Silverman


  • Fiona Stevenson University College London



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Fiona Stevenson, University College London

Fiona Stevenson is Professor of Medical Sociology at University College London. She has built her career as a medical sociologist while working in departments of primary care. Her research interests are in (1) the construction of decision making about medical care; (2) the impact of complex interventions, technology and treatment adherence on communication between health care professionals and patients in a range of medical settings; and (3) patient and public involvement in medical research and education. She uses a range of qualitative approaches, including conversation analysis. She is the lead author of ‘Combining patient talk about internet use during primary care consultations with retrospective accounts: A qualitative analysis of interactional and interview data’ (Social Science and Medicine 242).


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Stevenson, F. (2021). It’s not all bad: A rejoinder to ‘Collecting qualitative data during a pandemic’ by David Silverman. Communication and Medicine, 17(1), 96–98.



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