The Ground of Our Being

Muslim Heritage, Identity and Connectedness – A Personal Reflection


  • Mohammad Ali Hijazi University of Melbourne



Hospital chaplaincy, Islam, Muslims in Australia, prison chaplaincy, tertiary chaplaincy


This article is a personal reflection by a Muslim university chaplain regarding Muslim heritage, identity and connectedness among Muslims in Australia. It considers a number of challenges that Muslims face in the Australian community and more specifically within the university and prison contexts. Advocating an Islamic philosophy as being the ideal religion, it presents a Muslim chaplain’s approach to pastoral care practice. A version of this article was first given as a paper presented at the 2015 Spiritual Care Australia national chaplains’ conference and it is supplemented here by a response (also within this edition) from two reviewers who have critically reflected upon the author’s perspective (see Cohen and Duncan in this issue of the journal, pp. 166–73).

Author Biography

Mohammad Ali Hijazi, University of Melbourne

Mohammad Ali Hijazi is the Muslim Chaplain at the University of Melbourne. A version of this article was presented at the Spiritual Care Australia National Conference, April 2015, Hobart, Tasmania.


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