Highly Sited and Award-Winning Articles

Best Article Award 2016 / volume 33

Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen, Tatiana A. Klepikova: The effectiveness of computer-based spaced repetition in foreign language vocabulary instruction: a double-blind study

Best Article Award 2015 / volume 32

Mike Levy: The role of qualitative approaches to research in CALL contexts: Closing in on the learner’s experience

Highly-cited and influential articles

Collaborative language learning in co-constructed participatory culture
Greg Kessler 30(3) 

Technology and Task-Based Language Teaching: A Critical Review
Chun Lai, Guofang Li 28(2) 

Attitude and Self-Efficacy Change: English Language Learning in Virtual Worlds
Dongping Zheng, Michael F. Young, Robert A. Brewer, Manuela Wagner 27(1) 

Twenty-Five Years of Theory in the CALICO Journal
Philip Hubbard 25(3)

The Reality of MALL: Still on the Fringes
Jack Burston 31(1)

Seminal articles in CALL

Supporting Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition with Multimedia Annotations: The Students' Voice
Linda C. Jones 21(1) 

Cognitive Principles and CALL Grammar Instruction: A Mind-Centered, Input Approach
Joseph Collentine 15 (3) 

A Theoretical Foundation for the Development of Pedagogical Tasks in Computer Mediated Communication
M. Rafael Salaberry 14(1) 

Comparing Face-To-Face and Electronic Discussion in the Second Language Classroom
Mark Warschauer 13(2/3) 

Interactional Features of Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication in the Intermediate L2 Class: A Sociocultural Case Study 
Mark Darhower 19(2) 

Developing L2 Oral Proficiency through Synchronous CMC: Output, Working Memory, and Interlanguage Development 
J. Scott Payne, Paul J. Whitney 20(1) 

The Incidental Development of L2 Proficiency in NS-NNS Email Interactions 
Glenn Stockwell, Michael Harrington 20(2) 

Learner Control and Error Correction in ICALL: Browsers, Peekers, and Adamants 
Trude Heift 19(2) 

Evolutionary Trajectories, Internet-mediated Expression, and Language Education
Steven L. Thorne, J. Scott Payne 22(3)