User guides in monolingual Slovenian dictionaries

users’ perspective


  • Marjeta Vrbinc University of Ljubljana
  • Alenka Vrbinc University of Ljubljana



Front matter texts, User guide, Intelligibility, Linguistic terminology, Syntactic complexity


This contribution discusses the front matter texts of three Slovenian monolingual dictionaries: Dictionary of Standard SlovenianDictionary of Slovenian Synonyms and Dictionary of Legal Terminology. Thirty-two MA students of English at the University of Ljubljana were asked to read the front matter texts and comment on various aspects of their usefulness from the intended users’ perspective. The problems they pointed out were terminology, syntax and general information overload. Among the strengths of the front matter, texts are well-structured sections and subsections. They also suggested improvements such as simpler syntax, the use of Slovenian terms and the rearrangement of sections.



Pravni terminološki slovar (Dictionary of Legal Terminology):

Sinonimni slovar slovenskega jezika (Dictionary of Slovenian Synonyms):

Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika (Dictionary of Standard Slovenian):

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Vrbinc, M., & Vrbinc, A. (2020). User guides in monolingual Slovenian dictionaries: users’ perspective. Lexicography, 7(1-2), 123–134.