The Sketch Engine

ten years on


  • Adam Kilgarriff Lexical Computing Ltd.
  • Vít Baisa Lexical Computing Ltd.
  • Jan Bušta Lexical Computing Ltd.
  • Miloš Jakubíček Lexical Computing Ltd.
  • Vojtěch Kovář Lexical Computing Ltd.
  • Jan Michelfeit Lexical Computing Ltd.
  • Pavel Rychlý Lexical Computing Ltd.
  • Vít Suchomel Lexical Computing Ltd.



Corpora, Corpus lexicography, Corpus tools, Word sketches, Sketch Engine


The Sketch Engine is a leading corpus tool, widely used in lexicography. Now, at 10 years old, it is mature software. The Sketch Engine website offers many ready-to-use corpora, and tools for users to build, upload and install their own corpora. The paper describes the core functions (word sketches, concordancing, thesaurus). It outlines the different kinds of users, and the approach taken to working with many different languages. It then reviews the kinds of corpora available in the Sketch Engine, gives a brief tour of some of the innovations from
the last few years, and surveys other corpus tools and websites.


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