Traditional or trailblazing?

Comparing the Palaszczuk Labor premiership in Queensland


  • Chris Salisbury University of Queensland



Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Government, Labor Party, Queensland election, COVID-19, premiership


After the Queensland state election of October 2020, many hailed the win for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government as a landmark victory. Principally, that win made Palaszczuk the most electorally successful female leader in Australian politics. It also cemented her position among the ranks of leading Labor figures in Queensland’s political annals. What, then, might Palaszczuk’s appeal and longevity as Labor leader and Premier signify in terms of her political achievements and record in government? This article offers a brief appraisal of Palaszczuk’s standing and leadership compared with recent Labor predecessors, who similarly won multiple terms in office in this state.

Author Biography

Chris Salisbury, University of Queensland

Chris Salisbury is Political Chronicles Editor for the Australian Journal of Politics and History based at the University of Queensland. His research and writing focus mainly on Queensland’s political history. He regularly comments on Queensland politics to local and national media.


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