The Daintree Blockade

Making (Radio) Waves


  • Bill Wilkie



Daintree Blockade, police heavy-handedness, ecosystem destruction, reflection


Radio log 11/8/84

D5 crossing creek under Timbertop’s tree ::: continues to fill the creek crossing ::: If he continues to fill it high enough the D10 should go through. Looks like a moonscape where the dozers are working.

Timbertop’s other alias is Gummy, a well-known rainforest warrior of many campaigns. The radio log gives a live blow-by-blow account of the Daintree Blockade, of police heavy-handedness and council bulldozers destroying the fragile ecosystem. The blockade was started in response to Douglas Shire Council building a road through some of the last tropical lowland rainforest in Australia.

Author Biography

Bill Wilkie

Bill Wilkie’s first book, The Daintree Blockade, won the Premier’s Award at the Queensland Literary Awards in 2017. His writing has featured in The Saturday Paper, Griffith Review, QWeekend and Ecotone. His next book is about the Cedar Bay drug raids of the 1970s.





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Wilkie, B. (2021). The Daintree Blockade: Making (Radio) Waves. Queensland Review, 28(2), 166–168.



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