Basket Case!


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Queensland has some 400 public museums and art galleries. Large or small, these are all dedicated to caring for their part of what is often called the ‘distributed national collection’ and to permanently documenting a segment of our history — social, natural or otherwise. Each of us who steps inside such an institution to help in this effort is liable to become lost to this world for the rest of our working life. We are all, in some sense, collectors, and we tend to be very loyal to ‘our’ subject matter.

Author Biography

Carden C. Wallace, Queensland Museum

Carden Wallace AM is an Australian scientist who was the curator/director of the Museum of Tropical Queensland from 1987 to 2003. She is an expert on corals, having written a ‘revision of the Genus Acropora’. Wallace was part of a team that discovered mass spawning of coral in 1984. She is Emeritus Principal Scientist at the Queensland Museum.



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