Shadowing Vida Lahey

Bats, Books and Biographical Method


  • Sue Lovell Griffith University



Narrative theory, Vida Lahey, biographical method


In bumper-to-bumper traffic along the Pacific Motorway at dusk, I edge south past the Logan Road exit towards the Gold Coast. Vehicles moving easily north have already put their headlights on. Flying foxes are massing against the darkening sky. These native megabats will find their way to food using their sharp eyes and sense of smell. As I watch, I am reminded of the microbats of another hemisphere. Those blind bats had prompted Thomas Nagel’s famous paper, ‘What is it like to be a bat?’

Author Biography

Sue Lovell, Griffith University

Sue Lovell teaches ethics, Australian literature and academic writing in the School of Humanities, Griffith University. She has published within Australia and internationally on the Australian visual artist Vida Lahey, exploring the artist’s life, work and the ways in which biographical narratives work with the past and subjectivity. She is becoming increasingly interested in the embodied and cognitive aspects of engagement with narrative more broadly.


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