The Brickworks of Ipswich, Queensland

A Note of Gratitude to Patrick Buckridge


  • Jonathan Richards University of Queensland



Brickworks of Ipswich, ceramics industry, Patrick Buckridge


Patrick Buckridge was my teacher when I was an undergraduate student at Griffith University. One year, curator Susan Ostling asked him whether any students were  interested in local history research. I volunteered, and Patrick agreed to assess the historical report that I produced. My task was to research and compile, as comprehensively as I could in the time available, a history of the ceramics industry in Ipswich.

Author Biography

Jonathan Richards, University of Queensland

Jonathan Richards is an archive specialist, mainly focusing on detailed investigations into records of death and violence in Australian and Queensland colonial and frontier periods. He is currently Chief Investigator, with Lyndall Ryan, for the ARC-funded project ‘Violence on the Australian Frontier, 1788–1960’, and an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland.





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Richards, J. (2014). The Brickworks of Ipswich, Queensland: A Note of Gratitude to Patrick Buckridge. Queensland Review, 21(1), 21–22.