Patrick Buckridge — A Tribute


  • Susan Lever University of Sydney



Patrick Buckridge, literary work, intellectual understanding


Patrick Buckridge is that rare person — even in the academic world: a true scholar with a deep, sometimes eccentric, passion for ideas. He belongs contentedly to Brisbane while engaging intellectually with the vast world of scholarship in history, language and literature. He has retained his interest in his first love, Renaissance literature, but understands that literature is also here and now, in the society around him. So his studies have extended to Australian writers, Queensland literary history, the history of the book, the history of literary criticism and the nature of readership for literary work. As his May 2013 public lecture demonstrated, he believes in the continued importance of attentive reading as a source of intellectual understanding.

Author Biography

Susan Lever, University of Sydney

Susan Lever is an Honorary Associate in English at the University of Sydney. She was Associate Professor of English at the UNSW ADFA campus until 2008. Her critical writing includes contributions to several literary histories and a study of the novels of David Foster. She taught Australian Literature with Patrick Buckridge at Griffith University in 1996.


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