Scriptures, Myths, and Power: The Bible at Work - Chapter Two

The Bible as Scripture and as Myth


  • Burton Mack Claremont Graduate University



mythmaking, epic, charter, myth, mentality


Part 2 of Burton Mack's extended conversation with Vincent Wimbush and Institute for Signifying Scripture, Claremont Graduate University. The conversation revolves around the cultural function of the Bible as Christian myth in American society, and the African-American domestication of the Bible as their Scripture. The essay explores the differences between the Bible as myth in the dominant Euro-American tradition, and the Bible as Scripture in African-American experience. Drawing upon the work of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the concept of "signifying" describes a remarkable linguistic style characteristic of African-American mentality and culture.

Author Biography

Burton Mack, Claremont Graduate University

Burton Mack is Emeritus Professor of Early Christianity, Claremont Graduate University.



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Mack, B. (2011). Scriptures, Myths, and Power: The Bible at Work - Chapter Two: The Bible as Scripture and as Myth. Postscripts: The Journal of Sacred Texts, Cultural Histories, and Contemporary Contexts, 5(1), 31–52.




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